18 Oct

Updated H31-211-ENU Exam Questions On October 18

HCDAtest updated H31-211-ENU exam questions on October 18 to ensure that you can pass Huawei certified Network Associate – HCDA (Carrier IP) exam successfully. You may want to check free demo of HCDAtest H31-211-ENU exam, just following the updated H31-211-ENU free questions.

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1. Which of the following options is used to view the route that IP datagrams pass from one host to another?


2. Which type of port can implement VLAN tag stripping and forwarding? (Multiple Choice)


3. On the Eudemon firewall, NAT is enabled. What are the functions of NAT? (Multiple Choice)


4. What is the role of routing protocol?


5. Which of the following statement about the Message Age in the configuration BPDU packet is correct? (Multiple Choice)


6. About the working principle of the Layer 2 Ethernet switch, which of the following statement is correct? (Multiple Choice)


7. Which protocol is used to transfer files which constitute the World Wide Web page?


8. Which kind of algorithm is been based on by RIP (Routing Information Protocol) to implement routing calculation?


9. What is the handling of the port of the Access type when sending a message?


10. Which of the following statement about the characteristics of the LAN is incorrect?


11. What is the broadcast MAC address?


12. Which of the following statements about HDLC are correct? (Multiple Choice)


13. What does the Eudemon firewall use to monitor the transition of a session (data connection)?


14. Huawei routers can update system files through FTP and TFTP. Which of the following statement is correct? (Multiple Choice)


15. Which of the following application layer protocols is based on UDP?


16. Regarding the characteristics of the OSPF protocol, what are the following statements correct? (Multiple Choice)


17. What are the characteristics of the OSPF routing protocol? (Multiple Choice)


18. IP address 191.10.996.132 uses a natural mask, what is the network address of


19. Which of the following protocol messages use the LLC sublayer? (Multiple Choice)


20. In the PPP negotiation process, if no response packet is received from the peer within the interval of the negotiation timeout, PPP will resend the previously sent packet. Such as Configure-Request and so on.
By default, how many seconds does the PPP negotiation timeout?


21. Which of the following option is the standard made by IEEE802.3z/ab?


22. In the Eudemon firewall, how many interfaces can a security domain associate with?


23. How does Hub work?


24. In the frame format of HDLC, which frame format determines the type of HDLC frame?


25. Which of the following is used by the telephone exchange system?


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Above are the 25 free questions for checking the quality of Updated H31-211-ENU Exam Questions. If want to get the full version, you can contact [email protected], or click the following picture to purchase directly.


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