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07 Jun

H13-629-ENU HCIE-Storage (Written) (Internetwork Expert-Storage)

Please prepare for HCIE-Storage H13-629 HCIE-Storage (Written)(Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert- Storage) exam with real Huawei H13-629 HCIE-Storage exam questions. We ensure you pass HCIE-Storage Certification H13-629 exam smoothly. Here we recommend you test Huawei HCIE-Storage H13-629 Free Online Test first.

We will provide 10 questions for H13-629-ENU HCIE-Storage (Written) online test. You can get 10 points after answer one question correctly. All the questions we provide are the latest exam subjects. They are just part of the full version 298 questions. If you want to purchase the full version 298 questions please go to our Shop page or click “I want to buy full version“. Just leave your message here or contact us via email [email protected] if you have any questions or want some discount.  

Start to test:

1. The following understanding about FTP passive transmission mode, which is correct?

Question 1 of 10

2. When planning OceanStor unified storage array synchronous remote replication, which of the following description is correct? (Multiple choice)

Question 2 of 10

3. The following statement about RMAN backup's backup piece and backup set concept, which is wrong?

Question 3 of 10

4. Simpana index are divided into two levels, from which are used to record every data object's information and the storage location. Who will manage the index with much larger amout of index information?

Question 4 of 10

5. When the memory controller BBU is damaged, in order to ensure reliability of the data, the controller will automatically set the IO write policy to write-through and locked, before the recovery, it can not be forced to write back.

Question 5 of 10

6. In Huawei main/backup disaster recovery solution. which of the following statement is the correct process of disaster failover?

Question 6 of 10

7. MSCS two-node cluster interconnects with the disk array via iSCSI protocol, in line with the multipath environment and installs multi-pathing software on each node. In the "Create cluster" configuration wizard, part description shows that Quorum Disk and resource disk can't be Online.

Which of the following statement is correct?

Question 7 of 10

8. The following statement about OceanStor V3 LUN copy and clone, which is wrong? (Multiple Choice)

Question 8 of 10

9. Under synchronous replication scenario, an application's peak value write bandwidth to be 16MB/s; the average write bandwidth is 500KB/s; the average write IO size is8KB; the cost of private information is about 11%; bandwidth utilization is 80%, then no less than how much of the disaster recovery's network bandwide it require?

Question 9 of 10

10. A customer's production center is in City A, the disaster recovery center is in City B, using VIS6600T remote replication capabilities to meet the needs of remote disaster recovery.

The following on VIS6600T replication function statement, which is correct?

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