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09 Feb

Huawei H31-331-ENU HCNP-OTN Transmission Certification Exam

Certification Exam Code Exam Name Duration Pass Score/
Total Score
HCNP-Transmission H31-331-ENU  HCNP-OTN Transmission 90 min 600/1000

The HCNP-OTN Transmission exam covers WDM hardware, network&signal flow, data configuration, commissioning, ALC/IPA/APE principle&configuration, protection methods&configuration, routine maintenance, testing, alarm&signal flow and troubleshooting for WDM equipment.
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Knowledge Points
OptiX WDM Hardware Description

1.Huawei NG WDM product overview
2.OptiX OSN 6800/8800 networking application and product features
3.OptiX OSN 6800/8800 cabinet, subrack and frame
4.OptiX OSN 6800/8800 boards description
OptiX WDM Equipment Networking and Application
1.OptiX NG WDM product feature
2.OptiX NG WDM node type
3.OptiX NG WDM network applications
4.Key factors in WDM networking
OptiX WDM Common Data Configuration
1.Preparation for OptiX NG WDM data configuration
2.Creating a OptiX NG WDM network
OptiX WDM Optical Layer Data Configuration
1.Basic concepts of optical layer grooming
2.Configuring the edge port
3.Creating OptiX NG WDM single-station optical cross-connection
4.Configuring OptiX NG WDM OCh trail
OptiX WDM Electrical Layer Data Configuration
1.Basic concepts of electrical layer grooming
2.Configuring OptiX NG WDM normal cross-connection Services
3.Configuring OptiX NG WDM service timeslots
4.Configuring OptiX NG WDM electrical trail
OptiX WDM Equipment Commissioning
1.Preparations for OptiX NG WDM commissioning
2.Configuring  OptiX NG WDM NE and network
3.Commissioning OptiX NG WDM optical power
4.Commissioning  OptiX NG WDM network
OptiX WDM Testing
1.Overview of testing
2.Testing of main channel
3.Testing of OSC channel
4.Testing of system
OptiX WDM Equipment Protection
1.OptiX NG WDM equipment level protection
2.OptiX NG WDM optical layer protection
3.OptiX NG WDM electrical layer protection
OptiX WDM ALC Special Topic
1.Introduction of ALC function
2.Principle of ALC
3.Configuration of ALC
OptiX WDM IPA Special Topic
1.Introduction of IPA function
2.Principle of IPA
3.Configuration of IPA
OptiX WDM APE Special Topic
1.Introduction of APE function
2.Principle of APE
3.Configuration of APE
OptiX WDM Routine Maintenance
1.OptiX NG WDM basic maintenance operations
2.OptiX NG WDM board replacement
3.OptiX NG WDM equipment routine maintenance items
4.OptiX NG WDM NMS side routine maintenance items
5.OptiX NG WDM daily maintenance items
6.OptiX NG WDM monthly maintenance items
7.OptiX NG WDM semiyearly maintenance items
8.Other NMS side operation
OptiX WDM Alarm and Signal Flow
2.Electrical Layer Alarm Signal Flow Analysis
3.Optical Layer Alarm Signal Flow Analysis
OptiX WDM Equipment Troubleshooting
2.Basic Rules and Methods of Fault Locating
3.Rectifying different types of faults

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