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08 Jul

2019 New H12-211-ENU HCIA-Routing&Switching Exam Preparation

Getting new H12-221-ENU exam preparation is a perfect way to pass HCIA-Routing&Switching certification. New H12-211-ENU HCIA-Routing&Switching Exam Preparation is updated on July 8, 2019, which contains comprehensive H12-211-ENU exam questions and answers for real HCIA-Routing&Switching exam. 

Before getting our full version of 2019 New H12-211-ENU HCIA-Routing&Switching Exam Preparation, we share 25 free demo questions to help you check the high-quality of H12-221-ENU preparation materials. We set scores for each questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 4 scores. The total score is 100. Any other questions, just contact us via mail: [email protected].

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1. For multiple paths to the same destination network, the router needs to select by comparing the size of the Preference value. If the Preference is the same, then select according to the size of the Cost value.

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2. The routing table consists of multiple elements. What is wrong with the following statement?

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3. The correct description of the following is (). (Multiple Choice)

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4. For multiple paths to the same destination network, the router needs to select by comparing the size of the Cost value. If the value of the Cost is the same, then select according to the size of the Preference value.

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5. Which of the following commands can be used to check whether OSPF has correctly established neighbor relationships?

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6. Which of the following about the statement of static routing are incorrect?

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7. Which of the following OSPF versions are suitable for IPv6?

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8. In the STP protocol, assume that all switches are configured with the same priority. The MAC address of switch 1 is 00-e0-fc-00-00-40, and the MAC address of switch 2 is 00-e0-fc-00-00-10, the MAC address of switch 3 is 00-e0-fc-00-00-20, and the MAC address of switch 4 is 00-e0-fc-00-00-80, then the root switch should be ().

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9. Which of the following parameters are used in the switched network that runs the STP protocol when performing spanning tree calculations? (Multiple Choice)

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10. By default, how many seconds are the Forward Delay of STP protocol?

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11. Which of the following parameters does not the configuration BPDU packet of the STP protocol?

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12. Compared to STP protocol, which kind of port role is added in RSTP protocol? (Multiple Choice)

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13. Ip route-static preference 20, about this command, which is the correct statement? (Multiple Choice)

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14. On the VRP interface, you cannot use the command delete or unreserved vrpcfg.zip to delete files. You must empty them in the recycle bin to delete files completely.

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15. The switch MAC address table is existing as follows, which of the following statements is correct?

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16. The VRP operating system commands are divided into four levels: access level, monitoring level, configuration level, and management level. Which level can run various business configuration commands but cannot operate the file system?

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17. Which of the following storage media are commonly used by Huawei routers? (Multiple Choice)

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18. When a router enabled with Proxy ARP function receives an ARP request packet and finds that the requested IP address is not its own, what actions are performed? (Multiple Choice)

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19. The IPv4 address of the host is Which host with the following IPv4 address and its communication do not need to be forwarded by the router?

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20. If the Ethernet data frame is Length/Type=0x0806, which of the following statement is correct? (Multiple Choice)

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21. Which of the following is not the working principle of CSMA/CD?

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22. The DHCP REQUEST message must be sent in broadcast form.

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23. Huawei devices can be managed using the Telnet protocol. Which of the following statements is correct about this management function?

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24. Which DHCP message does the DHCP client send when it wants to leave the network?

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25. If the IP address requested by the DHCP client is already occupied, which packet will the DHCP server use as the response?

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