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01 Apr

Updated H19-301-ENU Exam Questions – 100% Pass HCPA-IP Network (Datacom)-ENU Exam

It is highly recommended to choose the most updated H19-301-ENU exam questions, which updated on March 28, 2020, to 100% pass HCPA-IP Network (Datacom)-ENU (Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate-IP Network(Datacom)) exam.

The current version of H19-301-ENU exam questions is V11.02, with 237 practice exam questions and answers. We will share 20 free questions online, you can test yourself and check the high-quality of the most updated H19-301-ENU exam questions. Any questions about getting full version of H19-301-ENU exam questions, please contact us through mail: [email protected] freely.

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1. Huawei attaches great importance to cyber security, set cyber security as an important strategy for the development of the company, and commitment to cyber security will never be outweighed by the consideration of commercial interests.

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2. Anti-tampering and anti-implantation of Huawei products include:

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3. Huawei partners should establish a cyber security assurance system to ensure the cyber security of customers.

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4. Which of the following are typical Huawei AntiDDoS cases outside China?

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5. The desktop USG6530E can complete with all desktop models of Fortinet and Cisco.
What is the large-packet throughput of the USG6530E?

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6. Which of the following devices can bring interference to Wi-Fi devices? (Choose all that apply.)

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7. Which of the following are typical Huawei firewall cases outside China?

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8. Which of the following operating systems are supported by the sandbox?

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9. Which scenarios are suitable to using the wall plate AP2050DN?

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10. If partners violate cyber security requirements stipulated in the agreements, Huawei is entitled to revoke the license and authorization in the agreement, or terminate the agreements.

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11. The AC6805 is a large-capacity fixed WLAN AC launched in the V100R018C10 solution. Its AP management capacity reaches ___.

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12. Which of the following is the maximum capacity of an NE40Eā€™s service board?

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13. Which are the highlights of the Huawei IP hard pipe solution?

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14. How many fans does an NE40E-X16A support?

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15. What O&M features does NE40E series support?

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16. You need to verify only the number of APs when taking an onsite survey, but not the locations for installing the APs.

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17. NE08E routers support STM-4 cards.

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18. In most scenarios, 2.4 GHz channels are as clean as 5 GHz channels.

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19. Which of the following is the BFD detection time for link faults supported by Huawei routers?

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20. Which of the following highlights does not apply to the NE08E-S6/S6E?

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