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24 Sep

HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect V2.0 H13-821_V2.0-ENU Updated Exam Questions Released

To provide candidates with more accurate H13-821_V2.0-ENU exam questions, we have updated H13-821_V2.0-ENU practice exam questions for passing HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect V2.0 certification. The most updated H13-821_V2.0-ENU exam questions ensure that you can pass in the first attempt.

HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect V2.0 certification is a great professional-level certification, H13-821_V2.0-ENU exam questions are based on the exam outline to collect the actual exam questions and answers for good preparation. Here, we have 20 free demo questions online for checking. Any other questions, please contact us freely: [email protected].

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1. The application of the microservice architecture in the cloudification scenario needs to analyze and regularly check problems through logs. The application of traditional log location methods is often time-consuming and laborious. Which of the following statements about the log function provided by HUAWEI CLOUD application operation and maintenance service is correct?

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2. After configuring the OBS trigger for the function, if the user downloads the corresponding OBS object model, the function can be triggered to execute automatically.

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3. What are the main horizontal solutions of DWS? (Multiple choice)

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4. Hisilicon Boudica is the world's first NB+IOT chip.

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5. What are the advantages of ModelArts automatic learning? (Multiple choice)

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6. Regarding the description of DDS, which of the following statements is correct? (Multiple choice)

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7. Which of the following options are the main functions of DDM? (Multiple choice)

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8. Which of the following options are the storage types of HUAWEI CLOUD OBS? (Multiple choice)

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9. Which of the following types of computing instances or scenarios does Huawei Cloud Storage Disaster Recovery Service support?

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10. Which of the following operations performed by HUAWEI CLOUD tenants does not help to improve the security of the cloud database?

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11. Which of the following options are the main challenges faced by enterprises in the three-level assessment of the self-built computer room and the guarantee? (Multiple choice)

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12. If an autonomous driving company wants to develop an AI model based on ModelArts, what capabilities of ModelArts can be used? (Multiple choice)

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13. Which of the following components cannot use SQL for data analysis and query?

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14. Through the transaction monitoring of APM, operations management personnel can understand the final consumer behavior for business development decision-making, and can also quickly discover the status of business operations for rapid diagnosis of abnormal applications.

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15. Which of the following scenarios is not suitable for HDFS?

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16. Which of the following types of image processing functions does Huawei Cloud Object Storage support? (Multiple choice)

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17. Who are the users of ModelArts service for?

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18. Huawei Cloud tenants need to pay attention to the resource utilization of cloud container clusters.

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19. The subsidiaries of a certain enterprise group are distributed all over the country, and each subsidiary has its own IT system. The group headquarters wants to aggregate these IT system data to realize group information sharing.
What core platform services will the smart park solution use to solve this problem?

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20. From the perspective of access and management, what types of blockchain can be divided into? (Multiple choice)

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25 May

New H13-821_V2.0-ENU Free Demo Questions Online

Complete H13-821_V2.0-ENU HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect V2.0 certification exam with HCDAtest H13-821_V2.0-ENU exam questions today. We have released new H13-821_V2.0-ENU exam questions today to ensure that you can pass Huawei H13-821_V2.0-ENU exam successfully.

We provide new H13-821_V2.0-ENU exam questions with verified answers. The full version contains 313 practice exam questions and answers. Before getting the full version, we highly recommend that you can read Huawei H13-821_V2.0-ENU free demo questions online. We share 25 free H13-821_V2.0-ENU exam questions, you can test online. If have any other questions, please contact us freely via mail: [email protected].

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Please go to New H13-821_V2.0-ENU Free Demo Questions Online to view this quiz

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