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11 Dec

HCIP-Big Data Developer Exam H13-723-ENU Free Questions For Checking

Getting online resource to prepare for H13-723-ENU HCIP-Big Data Developer certification exam is a good way to get success. Today, we have released new H13-723-ENU exam questions to help you study all the exam preparation questions before taking HCIP-Big Data Developer H13-723-ENU exam.

HCDAtest offers H13-723-ENU HCIP-Big Data Developer real exam questions for your good preparation. You are highly recommended to read Huawei H13-723-ENU exam questions for good learning. Also, we have HCIP-Big Data Developer Exam H13-723-ENU Free Questions for checking. Come to read H13-723-ENU free online test and check the high quality. Other questions, please contact us freely: [email protected].

Begin To Test:

1. In FusionInsight HD, what are the computing frameworks that can be used in real-time processing scenarios? (multiple choice)

2. As the core object of Spark, which of the following characteristics does RDD have? (multiple choice)

3. For an application running on the MapReduce platform, where will the jar package that the application depends on be placed?

4. In FusionInsight HD, use the Streaming command line to submit the om.huawei.examole.WordCount task in example.jar. The task name is wcTest. Which of the following commands is correct?

5. In FusionInsight HD, which method of the OozieClient class will be called by the JAVA API of the Oozie client when running tasks?

6. Regarding Streaming's topology, what is wrong in the following description?

7. In FusionInsight HD, what are the roles that belong to the Streaming service? (multiple choice)

8. In the process of Flume cascade transmission, you can use the fail over mode to transmit, so that if the Flume node of the next hop fails or the data is received abnormally, it can automatically switch to another way to continue transmission.

9. The system time of the node where the HDFS client is located must be consistent with the system time of the FusionInsight HD cluster. If there is a time difference, the time difference should be less than a few minutes?

10. To create a table through HBase's createTable method, what parameters must be passed in?

11. In Spark, which of the following is the operator that takes the intersection of the DataFrame?

12. Regarding the file format provided by Hive in the FusionInsight HD system, which is not a columnar file?

13. In FusionInsight HD, for the creation and read-write permissions of various resources in Solr, which of the following statements is wrong?

14. Which of the following methods can generate DStream objects?

15. In the implementation of the business logic of HBase writing data, which of the following interfaces or classes does not need to be involved?

16. In the Fusioninsight HD product, what is wrong about the Kafka secure and non-secure port description?
(Note: The old API refers to the old Producer API and the old Consumer API. Among them, the old Consumer API: refers to the interface defined in kafka.consumer.ConsumerConnector; the old Producer API: refers to the interface defined in kafka.producer.Producer.)

17. In MapReduce application development, which of the following JAVA classes is responsible for managing and running a computing task?

18. In FusionInsight HD, Oozie needs to upload the configuration files and jar packages that the job relies on to HDFS before submitting the job

19. When the HDFS client writes files to HDFS with N copies, if one of the copies fails to write, all copies will return the write failure.

20. Set the data block storage size to 128M. When the HDFS client writes a file, when writing a 100M file, how much storage space is actually occupied?


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