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24 Dec

HCIE-Enterprise Communication (Written) H11-879-ENU Free Online Test

You need to first pass HCIE-Enterprise Communication (Written) H11-879-ENU exam to complete your HCIE-Enterprise Communication certification. We have released new H11-879-ENU test questions online, to help you pass HCIE-Enterprise Communication (Written) certification exam successfully.

Also, HCIE-Enterprise Communication (Written) H11-879-ENU Free Online Test is ready here. The full version of Huawei H11-879-ENU exam preparation contain 106 practice exam questions and answers. We will share 20 free demo questions in HCIE-Enterprise Communication (Written) H11-879-ENU Free Online Test, which help you check the highl quality of HCDAtest H11-879-ENU test questions. Any questions, please contact us freely: [email protected].

Begin to Test:

1. When other conditions are the same, the longer the reverberation time of the room, the clearer the sound heard Clarity. () Right or Wrong


In the converged conference MCU central networking mode, what method does the eSpace PC support to join the conference directly with the chairman authority? () (multiple choice)

3. In the remote disaster recovery scenario, when the master node (U1981) fails, POTS user A of a branch node (The branch site equipment is U1911). If you make an outgoing call to the local PSTN user B through the branch node, the network element through which the SIP signaling of the call passes is ().

4. Regarding call bills and billing scenarios, which of the following statements is correct () (multiple choice)

5. The following are not part of the H.245 capability set ()

6. Regarding MCU cascading, what is wrong in the following description ()

7. There are two terminals, T1 and T2, both registered to the same GK.
When T1 calls T2 by number, what is wrong with the following statement? () Multiple choice

8. Regarding the Fusion Conference 3.0 solution, which of the following statements is correct () (single choice)

9. In the central networking mode of the converged conference MCU, what is correct about the traversal of public and private networks? () (Multiple selected)

10. In the Huawei eSpace UC solution, U1981, U1980, U1960, U1911 all support dual-system active and standby () Correct or Wrong

11. Using the VPC620 camera, the OSD image interface image as shown in the figure appears on the display screen, the following description is correct () (multiple choice)

12. In the message classification of the RTCP protocol, which of the following messages describe the receiving statistics data of the receiving gateway? ()

13. Which of the following backup methods is not supported by VP9660 MCU? ()

14. How to order the recorded video on RSE6500 on the terminal side? ()

15. In the U1900 unified gateway, outgoing calls need to be configured in a certain order. The following configuration process is correct () Multiple choice

16. How many pixels of a camera with 1080P image resolution equivalent ()

17. Phone A has been successfully registered to the U1900 system. At some point, unplug the network cable. At this time, log in to the U1900 system to check the registration status of phone A. The following statement is wrong ()

18. In the VoIP system, what are the factors that affect the quality of voice calls? () Multiple choice

19. The MTU board can support 4 E1/T1 interfaces.
How to switch between E1 and T1 interfaces? Which statement is correct () (single choice)

20. A single Media board of VP9660 MCU can support up to () 1080P 30 ports?


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