H11-879-ENU HCIE-Enterprise Communication (Written)


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Exam Code: H11-879-ENU

Exam Name: HCIE-Enterprise Communication (Written)

Questions and Answers: 106 Q&As

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Exam Code: H11-879-ENU
Exam Name: HCIE-Enterprise Communication (Written)
Available Language: English/Chinese
Register: Pearson VUE

Capabilities To Be HCIE-Enterprise Communication Certified

Getting HCIE-Enterprise Communication certification proves that you can grasp the solutions and best practices of typical enterprise communication, and be able to plan, design, deploy and maintain large-scale integrated enterprise communication solutions.

There are three exams for HCIE-Enterprise Communication certification:
H11-879 HCIE-Enterprise Communication (Written)
H11-880 HCIE-Enterprise Communication (Lab)
H11-881 HCIE-Enterprise Communication (Interview)

HCIE-Enterprise Communication (Written) H11-879-ENU Exam Key Points

The H11-879-ENU HCIE-Enterprise Communication (Written) exam covers the enterprise communication video conference, unified communication and convergent conference knowledge, it mainly includes enterprise communication common technologies principle, protocols, signal process, system networking design, advanced product technologies, system security and reliability, product operation and maintenance, system troubleshooting, etc.

1.Audio and Video Technology Principle 10%
2.Protocol Signal Process 10%
3.VC System Networking and Product Technologies 30%
4.System Security and Reliability 5%
5.Firewall Traversal Solution 5%
6.UC System Networking and Product Technologies 30%
7.Convergent Conference 10%

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