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[May 2018] New H13-621-ENU HCNP-Storage-CCSN Free Online Test

Good News: New H13-621-ENU HCNP-Storage-CCSN exam questions have been updated on May.5, 2018. With latest H13-621-ENU exam questions and answers, you can completed your H13-621-ENU HCNP-Storage-CCSN(Huawei Certified Network Professional – Constructing Converged Storage Network) exam.

HCDATEST has released New H13-621-ENU HCNP-Storage-CCSN Free Online Test to help you test H13-621-ENU exam online. There are 25 free online test questions for testing New H13-621-ENU HCNP-Storage-CCSN exam. Answer one free online question correctly will get 4 score. The total is 100 score. Before deciding to hold full version of New H13-621-ENU HCNP-Storage-CCSN exam questions, please test HCDATEST New H13-621-ENU HCNP-Storage-CCSN Free Online Test now.

Begin to Test:

1. Which is the basal protocol used by SANs for I/O processing?


2. A file protected by WORM cannot be: (Multiple Choice)


3. SmartQoS uses Traffic Controls, which in turn consists of: (Multiple Choice)


4. SmartMigration uses LUNS mapped from heterogeneous storage arrays to the local storage array as logical disks (LDs) that can provide storage space for the local storage array and create eDevLUNs that can be mapped to the host on LDs.


5. Which of the following statements is correct?
Statement 1: Manually selecting disks for a disk domain is a risky, therefore unadvised, process.
Statement 2: All LUNs in a disk domain must share the same RAID level.


6. Because SmartDedupe and SmartCompression can reduce the total required storage spacer, they can also reduce the initial investment.


7. Which protocol provides the fastest transfer speed?


8. From a Windows client perspective, a NAS looks more like a network drive whereas a SAN looks more like a local drive.


9. Which of the following statements is true.
A) An eDevLUN is always on a third party device?
B) A mirror copy should come from a different domain than the local LUN?


10. SmartDedupe of the OceanStor 5300 V3 is supported only by the thin file system.


11. Which of the following statements about SmartErase is/are true.
A) SmartErase allows a disk whose data has been erased to be reused after a dab destruction task is completed?
B) SmartErase deletes data, that belongs to a specific LUN, permanently from disks to prevent it from being recovered by unauthorized users using residual data?


12. Assume you are the administrator of a storage system and you need to plan storage capacity. The storage device has six disks, and the dab traffic is random and small.
Which of the following is the best capacity plan?


13. A colleague suggests using Hyper Clone to create a remote copy of a LUN to provide a remote office with the correct data.
This is?


14. Which of the following components is used to transfer information flow and service data flow between controllers in the OceanStor 18000 series?


15. When an OceanStor is powered by the BBU’s it means that only the controller is powered.


16. Which of the following statements about diagnosing the OceanStor 5300 V3 are correct? (Multiple Choice)


17. Select all that apply.
Which functions are provided by the ACC module? (Multiple Choice)


18. Which redundancy mode is adopted by the power supplies in the OceanStor 5600 V3 with 3 U enclosure?


19. When exporting logging from within OceanStor Toolkit, we can select;


20. Which of the following statements about SmartQuota of the OceanStor 5300 V3 are incorrect? (Multiple Choice)


21. A colleague suggests purchasing a second storage system and then cloning LUN’s between them to provide redundancy.
This is;


22. Which of the following File System Protocols are available in the OceanStor V3 devices? (Multiple Choice)


23. Serial communication to the OceanStor V3 controller is configured at:


24. Which of the following statements is correct?
Statement 1: The property (File or Block) of a storage pool cannot be changed.
Statement 2: Before deleting a storage pool, all LUNS must be removed.


25. What technology is used in SmartDedupe of the OceanStor 5300 V3?


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