Certificate Summary

HCNA-LTE certification validates the basic knowledge of Long Term Evolution (LTE)/Evolved Packet Core(EPC) networks and device maintenance.

The HCNA-LTE curriculum includes, but is not limited to the following:
LTE/EPC network structure;
LTE air interface principle;
Key knowledge points about EPC;
EPC signaling and protocols.

With HCNA-LTE certification, you demonstrate a good grasp of the LTE/EPC network structure, the functions of all network elements, the basic principle of the LTE air interface, the business process of the EPC network, and basic concepts about QoS.

With engineers who are the HCNA-LTE certified, carriers or enterprises are able to complete basic configuration of an LTE network and maintain devices.

Exam Code Exam Name Exam Fee Online Test
(Huawei Certified Network Associate-Huawei LTE Technologies and Device)
200 USD Test link
Certification Period of Validity Date of Recertification Recertification Exam
HCNA-LTE 3 Years After passing the last certification 1)Same as initial certification

2)Select any one exam of HCNP-LTE

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