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26 Mar

2021 New Updated HCIA-Routing & Switching H12-211-ENU Exam Questions

HCIA-Routing & Switching H12-211-ENU exam questions have been updated, which contain 1024 Q&As. If you are preparing Huawei certification H12-211-ENU exam, you can study the updated Huawei HCIA-Routing & Switching H12-211 exam questions.

We share Huawei certification H12-211-ENU exam updated demo questions below for you to study the following topics: IP network connectivity, TCP/IP technologies, Ethernet technologies such as STP and RSTP, VLAN and Link Aggregation and their implementation within Huawei switches. Routing principles and OSPF routing protocol for IPv4 and IPv6 networks, and so on. If you have any other questions, plz contact us freely: [email protected]

Begin to test:

1. In port aggregation, “multiple” ports are aggregated to form a port aggregation group so that all the member ports in the group share the outgoing/incoming load.At which layer is port aggregation implemented?

2. To establish multiple PPP point-to-point connections in the Ethernet network, a PPPoE server establishes connections with multiple PPPoE clients on one Ethernet port.How does PPPoE differentiate between each connection?

3. Which of the following storage devices is used to store the startup configuration files in a router?

4. The network administrator has decided to configure link aggregation in the enterprise network.Which of the following represent advantages of link aggregation? (Choose three)

5. Which of the following items can be translated by NAPT?

6. An Ethernet frame is captured by network protocol analyzer tool and the value of Type/Length field is 0x0800.Which of the following statements about the frame are correct? (Choose two)

7. After a command for displaying RIP route information is entered on a router, peer on Serial1/0/0 is displayed in the returned result.What does stand for?

8. What is the default authentication mode for the default_admin domain?

9. Following a failure of services in the network, an administrator discovered that the configuration in one of the enterprise routers had been changed.What actions can be taken by the administrator to prevent further changes? (Choose three)

10. An OSPF area is a collection of a group of routers and networks. OSPF defines that routers that have the same ( ) belong to the same OSPF area.

11. Which of the following fields are contained in an ARP packet?

12. Which of the following are routed protocols? (Choose all that apply.)

13. A DHCP server has been established in the enterprise network. After the client has obtained an IP address from the DHCP server, the user decided to modify the IP address manually.In what way may this affect the enterprise network? (Choose two).

14. Whilst configuring a device, an administrator experiences trouble remembering certain commands.Which of the following will help support the administrator? (Choose two)

15. What is the function of the “ip address ppp-negotiate” command?

16. A network administrator recently used tracert to trace the path to the destination IP address of an external website, however the trace path displayed only a timeout result.Which of the following statements correctly explains the reason for this? (Choose two)

17. Which of the following OSPF packets can ensure LSA update reliability?

18. Which of the following statements about static route preference on Huawei devices is false?

19. Which of the following mechanisms are used for flow control? (Choose three)

20. The users who log on the router through Telnet are not permitted to configure IP address. What is the possible reason?

21. In the case of Huawei router, what is the "-i" parameter in a Ping command issued on a VRP operating system used to set?

22. In the PPPoE discovery stage, the PPPoE server assigns a session-id to the PPPoE client in which packet?

23. Which of the following route entries can be aggregated into (Choose all that apply.)

24. On Sx7 series switches, which of the following VLANs can be removed by using command “undo”? (Choose all that apply.)

25. When R2 forwards data to R3 from R1, which of the following items will change? (Choose two)


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