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01 Aug

Huawei HCNP-GSM H35-411-ENU Free online Test

If looking for new HCNP-GSM Certification H35-411-ENU exam questions for H35-411-ENU Huawei Certified Network Professional-GSM exam, please choose HCDATEST H35-411-ENU test questions now. HCDATEST has released new H35-411-ENU test questions, which will ensure you pass HCNP-GSM H35-411-ENU exam.

HCDATEST offers valid H35-411-ENU exam questions to ensure that you can pass H35-411-ENU exam with 100% passing guarantee. Here, we share 20 free questions as Huawei HCNP-GSM H35-411-ENU Free online Test, You can get 5 points after answer one question correctly. You can test these 20 free questions to feel the high quality of HCDATEST H35-411-ENU exam dumps.

Begin to Test:

1. If the system of antenna has 6 sectors, what are the color rings of the 4th, 5th, and 6th sector?

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2. Which type of alarm requires corrective action to prevent more serious failures?

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3. The primary objective of accident management is to restore business as soon as possible.

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4. In the MPS/EPS subrack, the A interface signaling that the XPUa single board can handle includes: (Multiple Choice)

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5. The working area information querying OMU use ___________ command.

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6. Configure the intelligent switching off carrier frequency, which of the following conditions must the carrier frequency meet? (Multiple Choice)

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7. What are the fast processing schemes for single base station chain scission? (Multiple Choice)

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8. If the CPRI1 socket is used, the CPRI1 lamp is always green. If it is not used, and there is no plug optical module, it is always off.

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9. The auto-loading activation switch needs to be turned off before the base station is upgraded. After the upgrade is completed, the auto-loading activation switch is turned on.

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10. When the "local entity type" is "M3UA_ASP" and the "destination entity type" is "M3UA_SP", what does the "working mode" of the M3UA LKSET select?
Otherwise, the "working mode" of the M3UA LKSET selects "M3UA_ASP".

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11. Before the IP transmission network is expanded, it needs to collect and analyze the original network information. What should be analyzed mainly? (Multiple Choice)

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12. Which topology views are provided by the M2000 to facilitate users to manage NEs with different portals? (Multiple Choice)

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13. In the DSC1800 system, the duplex distance between uplink and downlink is:

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14. When setting the load control, which MML command is used by the GSM side?

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15. How many No.7 links can be connected by a SPC (Signaling Point Code PC)?

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16. Which of the following factors are involved in the DC RRU extend distance? (Multiple Choice)

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17. When configuring the destination signaling point, you should specify the signaling routing mask for signaling routing load sharing. When configuring the signaling link set, you should specify the signaling link mask to determine the routing policy between each signaling link in this signaling link set. After operated the signaling routing mask and the signaling link mask, the result should be 1.

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18. When M2000 confirming the alarm to indicates that the alarm is about to be processed or has been processed, between which two types of alarms can be confirmed and reconfirmed? (Multiple Choice)

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19. Which command is used to start PCOMU?

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20. The standing wave ratio is too large, which will affect the uplink and downlink coverage of the carrier, and the reflected power will return to the transmitter power amplifier, which will easily burn the power amplifier tube and affect the normal operation of the carrier.

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Above are Huawei HCNP-GSM H35-411-ENU Free online Test, which are just part of HCDATEST H35-411-ENU full version. If you want to purchase full version of H35-411-ENU exam questions, please click the picture shown as below. Just leave your message here or contact us via email [email protected] if you have any questions. 100% pass guaranteed!


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