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18 Dec

Huawei HCPA-Storage Certification H19-308-ENU Updated Exam Questions

Let me introduce you the updated H19-308-ENU exam questions for your Huawei HCPA-Storage certification. We have collected new Huawei HCPA-Storage H19-308-ENU exam questions and answers to ensure that you can pass Huawei H19-308-ENU exam successfully in the first attempt.

Huawei HCPA-Storage Certification H19-308-ENU Updated Exam Questions can be found at HCDAtest. You can get 186 questions and answers in HCDAtest H19-308-ENU updated exam questions, there is also a 100% passing guarantee on Huawei HCPA-Storage H19-308-ENU exam questions. Here, we have H19-308-ENU free demo questions online for checking. Any other questions, please contact us freely: s[email protected].

Begin to Test:

1. 4-in-1 means that 4 protocols are integrated into 1 OceanStor 100D storage system for unified management.
Which 4 protocols are involved?

2. What advantages does the Huawei 2000 V3 offer to get the most out of fixed investments lower prices motivate customers to buy our products, and achieve project success?

3. During Huawei OceanStor Kunpeng V5 and Dorado V6 controller expansion, which switch is used for controller inter-connection?

4. What are vertical industries that require OceanStor distributed storage?

5. Which indicator indicates the time required for system recovery after a disaster occurs?

6. What are the major differences between distributed storage and centralized storage?

7. In the medical PACS system, X-ray, MRI, CT, and ultrasound tests generate a large number of image files every day. The file size ranges from 100 KB to 1 MB.
Which Huawei NAS product is recommended?

8. Which ascending order of disaster recovery levels is correct?

9. Which statement about storage software is incorrect?

10. Which between NVMe (PCle) and NVMe-oF (RoCE v2) features better scalability?

11. A bank needs to store a large number of images of checks every day due to increasing service volume. The existing storage system cannot meet the capacity requirements, so it now takes much longer to retrieve data.
Which is the most suitable storage system type?

12. Assume that an application generates about 8,400 random small I/Os, the read/write ratio is 21, and RA..
5 is used. If no requested data is hit in the cache (COW mode), what is the IOPS required by the disk arr….

13. Which of the following technologies is not used by Huawei OceanStor SmartQoS?

14. SmartTier is a tiering feature of file systems.
What is the granularity of tiered migration?

15. Which protocol is used for interconnection between controllers of OceanStor V5 Kunpeng?

16. What is the specification of the OceanStor Dorado V6 high-end controller?

17. How many cabinets does Huawei OceanStor distributed storage allow to fail?

18. How many controllers can be used when only one LUN is configured on Dorado V6?

19. Which protocol is not a front-end protocol of SAN?

20. What is the name of the multi-pathing software of Huawei storage?


22 Aug

[2018] Huawei HCPA-Storage-ENU H19-308-ENU Free Online Test

If looking for new HCPA-Storage-ENU Certification H19-308-ENU dumps for H19-308-ENU HCPA-Storage-ENU(Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate-Storage-ENU) exam, please choose HCDATEST H19-308-ENU test questions now. We have updated H19-308-ENU exam questions on August 22, 2018, which will ensure you pass HCPA-Storage-ENU H19-308-ENU exam.

HCDATEST offers valid H19-308-ENU exam questions to ensure that you can pass H19-308-ENU exam with 100% passing guarantee. Here, we share 10 free questions as HCPA-Storage-ENU Certification H19-308-ENU Free Online Test, You can get 10 points after answer one question correctly. You can test these 10 free questions to feel the high quality of HCDATEST H19-308-ENU exam dumps.

Begin to Test:

Please go to [2018] Huawei HCPA-Storage-ENU H19-308-ENU Free Online Test to view this quiz

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