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New H12-261_V3.0-ENU Exam Questions Updated – Good Platform To Check H12-261_V3.0-ENU Free Online Test

Even the Huawei Datacome will replace the Huawei Routing and Switching certification totally until June 30, 2022, the H12-261_V3.0-ENU exam as the written test of HCIE-Routing & Switching certification is still available. To help you achieve the success in HCIE-Routing & Switching (Written) V3.0 H12-261_V3.0-ENU exam, we have new H12-261_V3.0-ENU exam questions updated for preparation.

New Huawei H12-261_V3.0-ENU exam questions updated by the HCDAtest, including 635 real questions and verified answers. HCDAtest should be the good platform to prepare for HCIE-Routing & Switching (Written) V3.0 exam well. Here we have H12-261_V3.0-ENU free online test to help you check the demo first. If you have any questions, please contact us via mail: [email protected].

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1. The DHCP protocol can assign some TCP/IP-related parameter information to the client. In this process, DHCP defines a variety of packets. The encapsulation protocol used by these packets at the transport layer is:

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2. After a switch is powered on, it joins a running stack system. This behavior is called stack join.

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3. In the multi-level RR scenario, a large number of secondary RRs will be connected to the primary RR, which may cause the BGP routing table of the primary RR to overflow. What method can be used to reduce the risk of overflowing the the primary RR BGP routing table?

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4. In a VXLAN network, which can realize traffic access to the VXLAN network, and can also be used for communication with the same subnet in the same XLAN network?

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5. What are the problems with manually creating static VXLAN tunnels in a campus network? (Multiple Choice)

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6. A medium-sized campus network manages the network through the SNMP protocol. The campus has high network security. Which SNMP version is recommended for management?

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7. Which of the following statements about the multicast address used by 0SPFv3 is correct? (Multiple Choice)

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8. Link state information is isolated by default between different IS-IS processes on the same router.

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9. OSPFv3 adopts the same route advertisement method as OSPFv2: it is advertised through the network command in the OSPFv3 area view.

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10. Unlike STP, RSTP has only one BPDU type, the value is 2, and there is no TCN BPDU.

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11. Which of the following statements about RSTP root protection is true? (Multiple Choice)

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12. In BGP4+, what is the content of the next hop network address field carried by the MIP_REACH_NLRI attribute in the Update packet?

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13. Which of the following parameters are not required when configuring BGP peers? (Multiple Choice)

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14. The following descriptions about Link ID, Data, Type and Metirc in Router-LSA, which are correct? (Multiple Choice)

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15. In the process of establishing an LDP session, the active party will first send Initialization information to negotiate parameters. If the passive party does not accept the negotiated parameters, which of the following packets will be sent?

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16. Which of the following statements is correct when configuring source NAT with no-pat configuration parameters?

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17. After an interface of the firewall is assigned to the Untrust security zone, the interface belongs to the Untrust zone and no longer belongs to the Local zone.

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18. Which of the following options is correct about the optimal route election for various protocols?

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19. Which of the following statements about ISIS' route penetration is correct? (Multiple Choice)

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20. Which of the following statements about the IS-IS protocol is false?

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