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[July-9-2018] New H13-524-ENU HCNP-Cloud-COSM Free Online Test

New HCNP-Cloud H13-524-ENU exam questions have been released on July 9, 2018, which would be the latest H13-524-ENU Huawei Certified HCNP-Cloud-COSM exam questions. With HCDAtest HCNP-Cloud H13-524-ENU exam guide, you can pass your H13-524-ENU HCNP-Cloud-COSM(Huawei Certified Network Professional-Cloud Operating System Management) exam successfully.

HCDAtest shares 20 free questions of New H13-524-ENU HCNP-Cloud-COSM Free Online Test to let you feel you the real H13-524-ENU exam. Answer one free online question correctly will get 5 score. The total is 100 score. Before deciding to hold full version of New H13-524-ENU HCNP-Cloud exam questions, please test HCDATEST New H13-524-ENU HCNP-Cloud-COSM Free Online Test now.

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1. About the features of OpenStack, which is correct?


2. FusionSphere SCI intelligentizes performance management through ( ).


3. In FusionSphere OpenStack, the network card type supported by the available partitions of the KVM type is ( ).


4. Which type of cloud of the following can be built by the Fusion Sphere solution architecture?


5. The main functions of ManageOne ServiceCenter are:


6. The following correct description of the CPS in FusionSphere OpenStack is: (multiple choice)


7. Add FusionCompute computer cluster to FusionSphere OpenStack, which is the correct statement as the following?


8. When ManageOne ServiceCenter is deployed in a small company, you can create only one organization, integrate the system administrator and the organization administrator, and manage all resources as a global administrator.


9. Which of the following options does not belong to Nova Management:


10. What is wrong description about the bare metal deployment in FusionSphere OpenStack?


11. What are the resource specifications in Fusion Sphere OpenStackom?


12. Which of the following are the main features of FusionCare?


13. Which of the following option is a key feature of OpenStack?


14. The following correct description of the Nova component is:


15. When OpenStack adopts 2+1 deployment, what services must be deployed by the third node?


16. In the overall deployment mode of the OpenStack single room module, the correct components quantitative proportion as the following are:


17. The correct description of the physical network in FusionSphereOpenStack as the following is ( ).


18. Which of the following items are included in a complete cloud computing architecture?


19. Which of the following options are key technologies and values based on FusionSphere OpenStack 6.0. Tenant-level backups?A. Incremental backup
B. Full backup
C. Data deduplication
D. Online backup
Answer: ABCD


20. What are the uses of the external network in the FusionSphere Cloud DC scenario?


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