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Huawei H31-311_V2.5-ENU Free Test Online: Test Free Demo To Check HCIA-Transmission V2.5 Exam Questions

The Huawei HCIA-Transmission certification has been updated to Version 2.5, candidates are required to pass the H31-311_V2.5-ENU exam successfully to earn the HCIA-Transmission V2.5 certification. We released the newest Huawei H31-311_V2.5-ENU exam questions online to help you prepare for the Huawei HCIA-Transmission V2.5 exam well.

Huawei H31-311_V2.5-ENU exam questions of HCDAtest are great and are based on the actual exam contents and outlines. We have collected 471 practice questions and answers to help you start learning and will guarantee that you can pass the HCIA-Transmission V2.5 H31-311_V2.5-ENU exam successfully. We have Huawei H31-311_V2.5-ENU free test online to help you test free demo to check the quality of Huawei H31-311_V2.5-ENU exam questions. If have any other questions, you can contact us via mail: [email protected].

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1. In the windows operating system, the log file of the U2000 program itself is stored in which of the following directories of the U2000 installation drive letter?

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2. Which of the following is wrong about LCAS?

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3. Among the maintenance signals at the ODUk level, which of the following maintenance signals are included in the STAT bits of PM and TCM? (Multiple choice)

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4. For the network to have protection capabilities, which one must be met first?

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5. After the network sends a fiber cut, which of the following alarms does not appear when the 1+1 linear multiplex section protection is configured?

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6. Which type of veneer does TQM belong to?

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7. The frame structure of TU3 is a bit incomplete, and the gap needs to be filled. Which of the following phenomena can be effectively prevented by doing so?

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8. Regarding the use of the J0 byte, which of the following statements are correct? (Multiple choice)

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9. PWE3 is a Layer 2 service bearer technology that can imitate the basic behavior and characteristics of which of the following services as realistically as possible in the packet switching network PSN?

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10. Which of the following items does the MAC forwarding table contain? (Multiple choice)

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11. MPLS can be nested in multiple layers technically, there is no limit, only limited by which of the following and it has good scalability?

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12. PWRA, PWRB, and PWRC on the SSN1GSCC board correspond to the alarm objects, and which of the following options is correct?

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13. Which of the following descriptions of ODUk_PM_BDI is correct?

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14. Which of the following networking forms supports extra service configuration?

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15. Regarding the comparison between Raman amplifier and EDFA, which of the following statements is wrong?

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16. Which of the following problems highlight the existence of QinQ mainly for the network? (Multiple choice)

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17. The receiving end performs BIP- 8 check on the received STM-16 frame before descrambling, and the result obtained is different from the B1 byte of the next STM-16 frame received or the result is 100 01100, then this means There are several error blocks in the STM -16 frame, which of the following options is correct?

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18. Which of the following optical loss alarms will not cause service interruption? (Multiple choice)

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19. Which of the following is not a passive optical device? (Multiple choice)

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20. Which of the following aspects are the main advantages of SDH? (Multiple choices)

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21. Which of the following is the common point between the two-fiber bidirectional multiplex section shared protection ring and the four-fiber bidirectional multiplex section protection ring?

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22. Which of the following network element forms completes the cross-multiplexing between branches and lines, between lines and lines, and service up and down?

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23. Which of the following alarms will not be generated for the alarm?

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24. Which of the following is correct in describing the order in which the signal flow between the SDH interface and the crossover unit flows through the module unit?

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25. If there is no interface board on the hardware, which indicator light of SSN1PQ1 will be red?

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