Certificate Summary

HCNP-WLAN V1.0 certification is positioned to enable construction capabilities for planning, designing, deploying and optimizing WLAN of large and medium-sized enterprises.

HCNP-WLAN V1.0 curriculum includes but not limited to the following: Constructing WLAN of large and medium-sized enterprises considering of security, high reliability, Mesh, Huawei BYOD(Bring You Own Device) solution, as well as general WLAN planning, detailed WLAN planning, WLAN design and WLAN optimization.

With HCNP-WLAN V1.0 certification, you are able to demonstrate a comprehensive and thorough understanding of Huawei WLAN products and technologies, and the ability to use WLAN product to plan, design, deploy and optimize WLAN of large and medium-sized enterprises.

Exams & Examination Fee

Exam Code Exam Name Exam Fee Online Test
(Huawei Certified Network Professional-Wireless Local Area Network-Constructing Enterprise WLAN Architecture)
160 USD Test link
(Huawei Certified Network Professional-Wireless Local Area Network-Planning and Optimizing Enterprise WLAN)
160 USD Test link

With engineers who are HCNP-WLAN V1.0 certified, enterprises are able to construct large and medium-sized WLAN of large and medium-size enterprises using Huawei WLAN products, as well as routine maintenance and common troubleshooting. The enterprises can also make professional plan, design and optimization of WLAN.

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