Certificate Summary

HCIE-VC Certification validates the knowledge and skills required to construct, optimize and manage VC applications in large- and medium-sized networks.

HCIE-VC covers but is not limited to:
Planning, constructing, operating, monitoring, and troubleshooting the VC platforms on multiple scenarios and for multiple requirements.
Resolving complex communications, video coding and decoding, and service problems.
Using technical solutions to provide higher definition, shorten the response time, improve performance to its maximum, enhance security, and improve business capacity.

HCIE-VC certification shows proven comprehensive and thorough understanding of Huawei’s VC technology, ability to plan and design Huawei VC platform as well as the ability to optimize its performance and handle complex technical problems.

With HCIE-VC certified engineers, enterprises are able to plan, design and configure the Huawei VC platform to meet various application requirements on multiple scenarios.

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