H11-828-ENU HCNP Unified Communication(Fast Track)

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Exam Code: H11-828-ENU

Exam Name: HCNP Unified Communication(Fast Track)

Questions and Answers: 219 Q&As

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Exam Code: H11-828-ENU
Exam Name: HCNP Unified Communication(Fast Track)
Available Language: English, Chinese
Register: Pearson VUE
Exam Fee: 300 USD

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Exam Content
The HCNP-UC exam covers but not limited to eSpace UC system overview and solution, eSpace IPT advanced call service configuration, AR Voice System introduction and configuration, eSpace UC service deployment and configuration; advanced UC features introduction; eSpace UC routine maintenance and troubleshooting.

Key Points
17% I. eSpace UC system overview and solution
1) eSpace UC solution introduction, including eSpace UC solution overview, product and functions of components in eSpace UC.
2) eSpace UC solution networking principles, including typical networks of eSpace UC, interfaces and protocols of eSpace UC, and flows of networking.
3) eSpace UC application installation and deployment, including the planning and design principles of the eSpace UC system, the software installation methods for the eSpace UC system.
18% II. eSpace UC service introduction and configuration
1) eSpace UC basic service, including UC account configuration, UC terminal configuration, UC basic call configuration, Enterprise Address Book service, presence and IM service, and user self-service.
2) eSpace UC advanced service, mainly including multi-Media conference service configuration.
38% III. eSpace IPT advanced call service
1) AR Voice System introduction, including AR product positioning in eSpace UC solution, AR hardware, AR voice basic concepts.
2) IPT reliable network principle and configuration, including dual redundancy recovery principle and configuration.
3) Multi-node network, including the networking principle of multi-node centralized network and multi-node distributed network, the local regeneration introduction and configuration.
4) Toll fraud scenarios and prevention measures.
5) The solution of UC terminal extranet access, including the functions of SBC, the configuration of extranet access.
12% IV. Advanced UC features
1) The application scenario of the recording service and the methods of configuring and verifying the recording service in the IPT solution.
2) The console system, including the topology and the configuration.
15% V. eSpace UC routine maintenance and troubleshooting
1) eSpace UC routine operations, including precautions for routine maintenance, backup and recovery, maintenance operations on the AR.
2) eSpace UC system maintenance, including common faults locating methods, typical fault analysis and obtaining technical support.

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