H12-222-ENU HCNP-R&S-IENP (Improving Enterprise Network Performance)

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Exam Code: H12-222-ENU

Exam Name: HCNP-R&S-IENP (Improving Enterprise Network Performance)

Questions and Answers: 285 Q&As

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Exam Code: H12-222-ENU
Exam Name: HCNP-R&S-IENP (Improving Enterprise Network Performance)
Available Language: English, Chinese
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Exam Fee: 160 USD

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Exam Content
The HCNP-R&S-IENP exam covers MPLS, MPLS VPN, DHCP, VRRP, BFD, Mirroring technologies and Agile Controller, eSight Product Features, IP QoS, Huawei Firewall Technology Basis and SDN, VXLAN, NFV new technologies.

Knowledge Points
1) MPLS architecture, LSP setup process
2) MPLS VPN working principles and configuration
1) DHCP and DHCP relay principles and configurations
2) Security threats to DHCP and corresponding protection mechanisms
1) Mirroring concepts and configurations
Agile Controller and eSight
1) Agile Controller and eSight product features
1) QoS service models
2) Traffic classification and re-marking
3) Congestion management and congestion avoidance
4) Traffic policing and traffic shaping
Huawei Firewall Technology Basis
1) Huawei firewall products
2) Security zone and security policy
3) NAT: Private network users accessing the Internet, Internet users accessing Intranet servers
4) Attack defense
1) VRRP principles and configurations
1) BFD principles and configurations
1) SDN concept and architecture, benefits of SDN
2) Challenges facing data center networks, VXLAN principles and configurations
3) NFV architecture, relationship between NFV and SDN

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