Certificate Summary

HCNP-WLAN certification validates the knowledge and skills required to construct and manage small and medium-sized WLANs.

The HCNP-WLAN curriculum includes, but is not limited to the following:
WLAN fundamentals;
Working principles of wireless controllers and APs;
TCP/IP protocol family;
Routing protocols;
Access control;
Troubleshooting of WLAN faults;
Installation and commissioning of Huawei wireless controllers and AP devices.

With HCNP-WLAN certification, you demonstrate a comprehensive and thorough understanding of small and medium-sized WLANs, including general WLAN technologies, and the ability to design small and medium-sized WLANs independently and implement the designs using Huawei wireless controllers and AP devices.

With engineers who are HCNP-WLAN certified, enterprises are able to construct complete WLANs and integrate voice, cloud, security, and storage technologies into WLANs to support a variety of applications while providing enhanced security, availability, and reliability.

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