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H31-331-ENU Huawei Certified Network Professional-OTN Transmission

HCNP OTN Transmission H31-331 exam has been updated on Oct. 19, 2017. Practice all H31-331-ENU exam questions and pass Huawei certification H31-331-ENU Huawei Certified Network Professional-OTN Transmission exam.

We will provide 20 questions for this Huawei Certified Network Professional-OTN Transmission H31-331-ENU online test. You can get 5 points after answer one question correctly. All the questions we provide are the latest exam subjects. They are just part of the full version. There are 186 questions in total in our HCNP OTN Transmission  H31-331-ENU full version. All your actual questions will be randomly chosen from our dumps.  If you have taken the exam you will know it. Just leave your message here or contact us via email [email protected] if you have any questions.

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The following APE features and dependency constraints, the correct is ( ) . (Select 2 Answers)


In the following layer overhead bytes, which does not support BIP8 parity?


When WDM system is debugging, the main is to ensure that the receiving end’s power flatness and SNR’s flatness.


There are five trigger conditions for protection switching. According to the priority of the trigger condition, from high to low, which of the following is correct?


Which of the following statements is wrong about ROADM?


About the operation of deleting the path from the network management, the following statement wrong is ( ) .


Monitoring channel bit rate is different, just a little effects on the test results of the optical monitoring index of veneer interface, and relatively OTU veneer, OSC spectrum index requirement is much higher.


EFI board ETH1, ETH2, ETH3 port are connected through the network cable and network management computer port, to realize the network management system manage OSN 8800 device.


Optix OSN 8800 T64 sub-rack ID achieved by DIP switches on the AUX veneer.


use OSC monitoring, run HWECC protocol of NG WDM network, which of the following does not generally result in ECC communication interrupt?


Optical power is an important factor affecting the transmission distance of the system in the WDM system. Which of the following alarms can not be caused when the optical power is abnormal?


The 1:N power backup function that SCC provide for the system is implemented by the batteries on the SCC veneer.


When the cable between the FIU and FIU break down, the downstream site will report the optical layer warning of ( ). (Multiple Choice)


Which of the following statement about the operation of plug veneer is correct? (Select 3 Answers)


The OptiX OSN 8800 T64 system is configured with four PIU boards, which are powered by 1 + 1 hot backup.


What are the reasons why the BTU board reports R_LOS alarms? (Multiple choice)


OMS overhead in what board to deal with, which of the following is correct?


Which of the following veneers will cause the existing network business interruption in the process of replacement?


On POWER_FAIL, which of the following statement is wrong?


For the system 24 hours without error loopback performance test, which of the following statement is correct? (Multiple choice)


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